Academic Works


Academic Works is a web-based scholarship management tool for Chicago Public Schools students.  Students are able to apply for many CPS Strategic Scholarships through Academic Works a well as review and apply for postsecondary enrichment programs that lead to scholarships.  All CPS Strategic Scholarships (almost 200 scholarships internal/external) can be found in the system!  All scholarships within the system are intended for Chicago Public Schools students. (Scholarships are added to the system year-round.)
There will be no paper applications, CPS students will only be able to apply for scholarships through Academic Works tool or as they are directed to other scholarship provider websites through the tool.
Benefits of CPS Academic Works:
  1. No paper applications to complete! Most of the CPS Strategic Scholarship applications are online.  Letters of recommendation, electronic recommendation forms, official transcripts and many other documents can be uploaded to the system.  Students will be able to view the status of recommendation requests they have submitted and can send reminders to their recommenders.
  2. The system will match students to scholarships for which they meet the minimum requirements.  This can only happen once the students have completed the Academic Works General Scholarship Application.
  3. Review almost 200 scholarships and free summer programs through the system.

Scholarships and scholarship programs in CPS Academic Works:

There are three types of opportunities in the system:

  1. “Recommended” – Academic Works will  “recommend”  CPS Strategic Scholarships for which you meet the minimum requirements in the “Recommended” Opportunities section of your account.
  2. “Apply” – these are CPS Strategic Scholarship applications embedded in the AW system and managed by the CPS Scholarship Manager.
  3. “External” – these are CPS Strategic Scholarships and other national opportunities that require students to apply on an external site provided by the scholarship provider.


How to login: CPS students please review the attached CPS Academic Works login instructions.

For more information on how to navigate the Academic Works system, review the “Student Use” section of the ACADEMIC WORKS USER COMPREHENSION GUIDE- SY2018-19


CPS students must login and complete the General Scholarship Application before you will be permitted to apply for any of the CPS Strategic Scholarships.  Note: non-CPS students cannot complete any applications in CPS Academic Works; they can however, review over 180 scholarship opportunities that are listed as “External” opportunities.
Elementary school students should work with their parents to log into the system.  Formal communication is forthcoming!
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