Research and Reports

The Early College & Career Education Data Strategy team uses various data in order to track the college and career outcomes of CPS graduates. Through extensive high-quality research, the data are used to improve college and career programs at the high school level.

District Summary Reports

District summary reports are available publicly on this website. Reports that are available at a district level include: College Enrollment Summaries, College Persistence Summaries, Employment After High School Summaries, FAFSA Completion Summaries, and Senior Exit Questionnaire Summaries.

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School Summary Reports

School summary reports are available to schools through our internal data portal. Please go to for access to your school’s summary reports.

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Student Detail Reports

Student detail reports show data at the student level are available to CPS District and CPS School staff. Student level reports include: College Match, Senior Exit Questionnaire (SEQ) Completers, Student Certifications (CTE), and the Student Information Survey Report.

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Other Reports

These reports are useful to many staff and researchers, but may require additional access.

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