Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools


Program Overview

The Northwestern Academy is a three-year college access and enrichment program, fully funded by Northwestern University, in partnership with CPS, and is free-of-charge to students. The program is affiliated with Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy (SESP). The Academy is designed to help Chicago Public Schools (CPS) high school students who are academically motivated and of limited financial means with supplemental educational opportunities and support services to prepare them for highly selective colleges and universities. Students in their freshman year who are enrolled in the ninth grade in a Chicago Public School are eligible for enrollment in the Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools. Students in the Selective Enrollment High Schools (Brooks, Hancock, Jones, King, Lane, Lindblom, Northside, Payton, South Shore, Westinghouse, or Young) are not eligible to apply.

Northwestern Academy applicants must demonstrate an aptitude for long-term academic performance, as well as the motivation and willingness to engage in intensive learning experiences both in and out of school. Selected students must meet one of the following criteria: First-generation college-bound, limited financial means, and/or underrepresented population.

Program Highlights

  • Support in navigating the costs of college admission process and applying for financial aid, college standardized exam preparation, and match-fit advising for their individual circumstances.
  • Students participate in unique learning experiences at Northwestern University and cultural institutions all over Chicago.
  • During the summer and school year, students can participate in leadership training, personal development, and cultural enrichment activities, group/family meetings, and workshops.
  • All tickets to events, college trips, and academic support is free, transit passes for CTA and transportation are available for travel to and from Academy events, for mandatory and optional events.

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