Yearly Guides

“College prep” is about more than the just the classes taken in high school. It’s also about developing the skills students need to succeed in college and life. The guides and checklists in this section are intended to help students and parents focus on succeeding academically and learning more about college, career schools and financial aid.

Making a Plan for High School

The following resources can help students at any grade level make a plan for their future college and career plans.


College Preparation Checklist

9th Grade

Ninth grade is an important year in the college-preparation journey. Here are resources to help students have a well-rounded experience in high school that prepares them for their future path.

FRESH START – The Guide Book For Freshmen

Freshman Guide to Graduating College and Career Ready!

Federal Student Aid’s 9th Grade Checklist (

10th Grade

There’s a lot a 10th-grade student can do to stay on the right track toward college. This is the time students should study a little harder, work on raising their grades, retake any courses they may have failed, and start making a list of colleges and careers they want to pursue.

Sophomore Guide to Graduating College and Career Ready! 

Federal Student Aid’s 10th Grade Checklist (

11th grade

It’s crucial for students and parents to stay on top of college preparations during a students junior year and the following summer. These next few months should be taken very seriously. Students need to get good grades, finalize their college search and do their best on standardized tests.

Junior Guide to Graduation College and Career Ready! 

Federal Student Aid’s 11th Grade Checklist (

12th Grade

Now is the time that all the hard work students put in during high school starts to pay off. This is no time to let senior slump take over. 12th grade is the time to apply for admission to college and then to apply for federal student aid by filling out the FAFSA.

Senior Guide to Graduating College and Career Ready 

Federal Student Aid’s 12th Grade Checklist (

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