Credit Recovery

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself “off-track” with less credits or more absences than you should have at any given point in your high school career. The good thing is that with the programs and supports listed in this section, there are a number of ways to recover. Take advantage of these programs to gain credits in a variety of settings and at flexible hours that best fit your needs and schedule, and get back on-track for graduation and/or earning your high school diploma.

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Please check back on or after Sept 11, 2017 for more information about Credit Recovery in the fall.

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Title I / NCLB Credit Recovery Program Overview

The Title I / No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Credit Recovery Program offers students who attend a CPS District school (non-charter, non-contract) who have previously failed a core academic course another opportunity to earn that credit required to earn a high school diploma. Taught by highly qualified and certified teachers, Credit Recovery courses cover core content in a variety of subjects including English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, and Fine Arts. Credit Recovery course offerings vary by location so please be sure and review the Course Offering file provided below before registering at a school.

Course Offerings, Class Schedules, & Registration Information

Summer School will begin on July 5th and will end on August 3rd. All schools will follow the same day/time schedule. Pay attention the session being offered at your school as some schools are offering AM sessions only, PM sessions only, or both AM and PM sessions. The AM Session is from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and the PM session is from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Click the link below to access the PDF which outlines what schools will offer credit recovery, what courses they will offer, and when their registration occurs.

Summer 2017 HS Credit Recovery Course Offerings

Click the link below for the summer calendar

Summer Credit Recovery Calendar Summer 2017

If you are a CPS staff member, click the link below to download the Credit Recovery Referral and Addendum Form (this form will not be available to students or parents).
Credit Recovery Referral and Addendum Form


To register for the Credit Recovery program one must be a student of a CPS district school, active or inactive, and must bring the following to the Credit Recovery site where he/she wishes to enroll during their registration period:

  • Student fee per semester course: $25 (exceptions can be made for STLS)

No student may register without proper documentation

Students enrolled at CPS alternative, charter, and contract schools are not eligible to attend CPS Summer Credit Recovery as these schools received separate Title I funding to provide credit recovery opportunities at their schools. Exceptions to this rule are students enrolled at Chicago High School for the Arts and Community Services West High School as they did not receive such funding.

More Information

Questions about Credit Recovery are best answered by counselors in your school. If you still need assistance reach out to the person listed below.

Deneice McClary

Program Manager of HS Credit Recovery & Virtual Learning

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The purpose of the CPS Virtual Learning program is to increase graduation rates and provide an opportunity for CPS students to take a virtual or online course through an accredited online learning platform with an Illinois Certified Teacher to recover a course previously taken, to take a course not offered at the school, or to get ahead and graduate early.

Students can take virtual courses for original credit or for credit recovery in a wide variety of subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foreign Languages, and various Electives. There are also Honors and Advanced Placement courses available for certain courses. Student should expect to spend between 60-80 hours over the course of 4 to 16 weeks in order to complete a course.

It is important to note that this program is not a virtual school, nor is it a replacement for school, students must be enrolled in a Chicago Public School to participate. Also, students must work with their school counselor and/or administration to get enrolled in a virtual course. It is at the Principal’s discretion on how virtual courses are integrated at each school.

Governing Board Policies

Please be aware that per CPS Board Policy 605.4, students can only have a maximum of 2.0 credit hours of virtual courses on their transcript that count towards their 24.0 credit hours for graduation.

Per CPS Board Policy 605.11, students must have their Principal’s approval prior to enrolling in an online course. Principal’s have the right to reject any online course taken by a student if the online provider is not accredited by one of the six regional accrediting associations and/or if the course content is not aligned to the school’s curriculum.

Vendors and Course Offerings

These are the 3 vendors the District has Board Approval to purchase virtual courses from. Visit their website to see the courses offered.

  • Apex Learning –
  • Edgenuity –
  • Edmentum –

Enrollment and Participation

All enrollments are processed by the designated Virtual Mentor at each school (usually a school counselor or teacher). The district office is not authorized to enroll individual students in virtual courses. Any course fees associated with taking an online course are determined by the school.

Student Athletes should only ever enroll original credit courses, even if it is for recovery to be in compliance with NCAA regulations.

Students enrolled at private, charter and/or contract schools are not eligible to enroll in virtual courses purchased by the District.

More Information

Questions about the Virtual Learning program are best answered by the administration and/or counselors in your school. If you still need assistance reach out to the person listed below.

Deneice McClary
Program Manager of HS Credit Recovery & Virtual Learning

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Have you dropped out, been expelled or been in trouble with the law? CPS offers a number of programs to help you complete your course work and graduate from high school.

Network of Alternative Schools

Alternative Schools List

Alternative Schools Map

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