Chicago Start-Up “Taps” into Early College STEM School Internship Program

During the summer and funded by a grant from the Chicago Workforce Funders Alliance, CompTIA and its philanthropic arm, the Creating IT Futures Foundation, connected 27 local employers, including TapGenes, with students for internships, mentoring, school visits, classroom projects, and speaking opportunities.

“The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish,” said Holmes. “It was a great way to get involved in Chicago and expose kids to how a start-up technology company works.”

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Corliss Early College STEM High School celebrates Computer Science Education Week with

The STEM Program at Corliss allows students the opportunity take college courses while enrolled in high school and are able to earn an Associate’s degree in three different IT fields (Networking, Web Design, Computer Science.) According to a recent Bloomberg Business article, in the last 8 years of our recovery the economy is adding good jobs in the technical fields that require at least an Associate’s degree. Corliss High School is the premier STEM destination for all students who wish to experience learning by doing, and mastering skills that they can take directly to college or into the workforce to build success in our 21st century job market.

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Innovating to Educate: Hackathons Comes to Early College STEM Schools

Over the past three years, students and teachers at the five Early College STEM Schools (ECSS) have enjoyed clubs that engage in robotics, app design, science experiments and tech challenges that take place after school.  Additionally, schools participated in a series of quarterly “STEM Launch” events in which we collaborated with college partners to engage students in hands-on STEM activities and expose them to college and career opportunities.  To give some examples, these day-long events saw students build pumpkin throwing catapults at the Illinois Institute of Technology during Fall STEM Launch, program Makey Makey’s as turntables to mix their own beats at Truman College during Winter STEM Launch, and build submersible robots at Columbia College with After School Matters during Spring STEM Launch.  The culminating event was the two-week long Summer STEM Launch camp at Robert Morris University where the student market forces demanded innovation. So what is STEM Launch version 2.0 going to look like this year?  In a name, Hood Hacks.

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