Student Internship Application

Summer Stem Launch 2014

 What Is an Internship?

An internship will provide you the opportunity to independently test out your life as a career professional by taking on a responsible role as an employee in a company or organization without a teacher or parent managing you.  Your internship has goals, tasks, responsibility and accountability. You will develop a deeper understanding of the duties, responsibilities and opportunities within a career path. You will use these new insights to analyze and revise your future educational and career plans.

What Do I Get out of a Summer Internship?

  • A chance to engage in meaningful, responsible adult work supporting your path to independence
  • Strengthen and improve your academic, technical and employability skills
  • Understand your own interests and abilities as they relate to work in the 21st century economy
  • Gain an understanding of how school relates to work as you use your academic, technical and employability skills in the world of work
  • Understand the importance of relationships with people different from yourself
  • Oh, you also get PAID!

Qualifications: Who is eligible for an Early College STEM School internship?

In order for a student to be eligible to apply for an internship, s/he must:
  1. Be a junior or senior in the second semester of the 2016-17 school year and aged 16 or older.
  2. Attend one of five Early College STEM Schools (Lake View H.S., Michelle Clark H.S., Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, Corliss H.S., CVCA)
  3. Complete the application requirements:
  • Complete Student Profile – Please fill out all fields and be sure to upload a current resume (also required).
  • IT Teacher Evaluation – Each student MUST have their IT Teacher submit an evaluation on their behalf. Please send the evaluation link to your IT Teacher to complete. Again, the deadline to submit these items is January 23.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an ECSS Internship opportunity this summer, please email

STEM School Program Managers

School Program Manager
Lake View H.S. Tyrese Graham
Corliss H.S. Phylydia Hudson
Chicago Vocational Career Academy Jennifer Ollie
Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy Denise Kee
Michelle Clark H.S.
Carmen Mahon
  • There are currently no scheduled events.