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How To Apply:

  1. If there is a category and company that interests you, click on the application button for that category and it will bring you to a Google Form that corresponds to the category you selected.

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Job Description:

You have a passion for computers and technology and are curious how to blend these skills in a professional career.  Networking and computer system design is a fun, fast-changing world that helps people schedule doctor’s appointments, checking their bank balance, or reading an online article. Behind each computer network is a network administrator who keeps things running smoothly.  This position is for an intern to support the company’s networking department’s goals and objectives. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Application, infrastructure, and vendor security assessments
  • Maintaining, repairing, and upgrading network and computer systems
  • Diagnosing and fixing problems or potential problems with the network and its hardware
  • Security program development, monitoring network and systems to improve performance

Skills Needed:

  • Understanding of servers, infrastructure and systems application; Be an analytical thinker; Interpersonal skills, ability to work with others on a team; Excellent communication skills; Strong experience Microsoft Office applications (word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc); Detail­ oriented, ability to multi­task and manage time well

Organizations hosting Networking Internships: Click here to Apply!


Computer Programming/Web Development

Job Description:

You will be responsible for supporting how a website looks and functions.  Working with senior staff and talking to clients, you will learn their needs and problem-solve to give them the best website possible for their business.  At the end of a project, you have a working, accessible website to show off your hard work.  This position is for an intern to support the company’s programming/web development goals and objectives.  This may include but is not limited to:

  • Update web site properties including designing dynamic content and form creation
  • Revise existing copy and create new copy of intranet site
  • Regularly meet with company staff to determine content needs for websites
  • Interact with business users to understand current business process and identify business problems
  • Respond to and track support tickets in the service support system related to web sites and web-based applications
  • Help support development of new software solutions and re-engineer existing applications

Skills Needed:

  • Excellent communication skills with non-technical end users; Understanding of Languages: SQL, java, HTML, CSS; Knowledge of JavaScript a plus

Organizations Hosting Computer Programming Internships: Click here to Apply!

Tech Support

Job Description:

This position is for a Help/Service Desk intern who will provide quality technical support and help the department achieve its service goals. Overall responsibilities include:

  • Assist company staff in trouble­shooting problems and provide technical support on hardware,

software, and network issues either over the phone or in person.

  • Handle calls/requests from intake to solution, including documenting the results on the applicable call management system.
  • Ensure proper screening and escalation processes are followed.
  • Ensure service level agreements are met or exceeded.
  • May assist in developing additional support materials or documentation.

Skills Needed:

  • Thorough knowledge of Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office suite; Familiarity with common networking issues, printer setup, software installation, web browsers and other desktop tools; Understanding of break/fix needs and common issues; Good trouble­shooting skills, quick learner, strong written and verbal communications skills

Organizations hosting Tech Support internships: Click here to Apply!


Job Description:

In this role, you may support marketing day-to-day operations including media campaigns, promotions and projects.  Marketing associates also are responsible for arranging and coordinating special events, projects and doing research to provide reports on marketing data and trends to senior managers to help guide marketing direction.  Finally, you may also assist in creating materials used for proposals, correspondence and presentations material and reports.  This position is for an intern to support the company’s sales and/or marketing department’s goals and objectives. Overall responsibilities include:

  • Perform research to help analyze client/potential client needs
  • Understand and use social media to help promote company efforts or connect with new clients
  • Add/edit contact and other data in company applications
  • Assist in development of presentations and/or marketing material as assigned
  • Assist in planning and supporting client meetings or other events

Skills Needed:

  • Thorough knowledge of Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office suite, especially Powerpoint; Excellent researching and presentation/communication skills; Can articulate sentences and questions clearly both written and spoken; Quick learner, Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Organizations hosting Sales/Marketing internships: Click here to Apply!

Tech Program Assistant

Job Description:

You’re a jack of all trades in this role! Responsible for computer operations, user support, helpdesk, and database support. You’ll perform a variety of support duties to ensure smooth delivery of technology services.  You’ll coordinate and assist with other in the operation of computer hardware, software and peripherals. In this role, you’ve got to be able to work on a team but also independently while keeping your supervisor updated on the status of projects or technical issues.  Exercise your judgment and creativity in selecting and applying procedures correctly and determining when to refer problems to a supervisor. This position provides support in a technical environment for a tech company’s new or on-going projects or programs.  Overall responsibilities may include:

  • Help end users with software issues
  • Troubleshoot and repair software/hardware device issues
  • Assist with integration of technology within a program environment
  • Respond to general inquiries about the program
  • Assist scheduling and coordination of program events, trainings, meetings
  • Log program questions or software issues
  • Support program related tasks and requests from senior staff

Skills Needed:

  • Excellent communication skills; Demonstrated research and writing skills
  • Strong experience with software packages including Microsoft Office applications (word, PowerPoint, etc); Team player and quick learner who focuses on high productivity and results; Strong customer service skills, professional, friendly, and enthusiastic personality

Organizations hosting Tech Program Assistant internships:

Click here to Apply!

Program Assistant (General)

Job Description:

You will be the subject-matter-expert that keeps a company’s programs and objective running smoothly.  In this role, you may serve as the primary contact person for a company and answer staff or client inquiries about the program.  You will also coordinate with upper management to help define program goals and objectives then perform administrative duties as needed. Programs are different for every company and can be very exciting to be a part of! This position provides support in a general program administration environment at a tech or STEM focused organization for a company’s new or on-going programs.  Overall responsibilities may include:

  • Support senior staff with day-to-day tasks that keep the business running
  • Interface with customers or clients and support their needs and inquiries
  • Use digital media resources, online social network applications and work with teams further program and company program efforts
  • Do research to include in a report or provide suggestions to senior staff to solve problems

Skills Needed:

  • Excellent communication skills; Strong knowledge of different software packages; Strong experience with Microsoft Office applications (word, PowerPoint, etc); Strong customer service skills; Team player and quick learner who focuses on high productivity and results

Organizations hosting Program Assistant (General) internships: Click here to Apply!

Tech Start-Up

Job Description:

Ever wonder what it’s like to start your own business?  If you dream of going to work with super-motivated people and creating new thing, then interning at a startup might be for you?  Working for a startup or small business provides first hand experience in what it takes to open and operate your own business.  The Chicago Chamberland of Commerce will support your internship experience and place you with a small company that will enable you to get the inside scoop on marketing, business development, website development and more!  You’ll work one-on-one with an entrepreneur striving to turn his/her idea into a money-maker.  This is your chance to work directly with CEO’s and Founders and make your mark on a growing business in the Chicago area. Overall responsibilities may include:

  • Website development for a Day Care Center
  • Market research for an Environmental Firm
  • Graphic design for a Retail Store
  • Database management for a Consulting Practice
  • Focus group management for a Healthcare Website

Communication Skills Needed:

  • Excellent writing ability and communication skills; Ability to write clearly and succinctly; Ability to listen to what speakers have to share and demonstrate interest; Ability to speak clearly and make eye contact; Ability to ask questions to clarify or confirm your understanding; Good presentation skills and ability to share skills-tactfully; Ability to show enthusiasm

Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to get along and interact with others especially management; Positive attitude and willingness to learn; Ability to work independently while keeping others informed of progress; Team player; Ability to appropriately hand interactions with clients; Empathetic and respectful of other’s contributions

Organizations hosting Tech Start Up internships: Click here to Apply!

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