Do you enjoy working with your hands?
Are you good at analyzing problems and figuring out solutions?
Do you want to learn about how goods and people are transported to locations safely and efficiently?

Programs in the Transportation cluster prepare you for success in careers involved in the planning, management and movement of people, materials and products by road, air, rail and water, while you take core classes to prepare you to study transportation in college.


Auto Body RepairShow More

As a student in the Auto Body Repair Program, you will learn to identify the various parts of an automobile, as well as the methods of repairing damage to vehicle caused by collisions. Once you learn the theories, you will be able to put that knowledge to work in the auto lab by repairing damaged vehicles.

Schools with Auto Body Repair

Schools Application Type
Dunbar District-wide Application
Prosser Neighborhood Program
Simeon Neighborhood Program
Automotive TechnologyShow More

As a student in the Automotive Technology program, you will learn the basics of computer diagnosis for automotive repair as well as traditional tool usage for the entire repair process: evaluating, repairing, and maintaining vehicles. As you progress through the program you will gain the skills necessary to earn nationally recognized certification, gain entry level employment, or enroll in an Automotive Technology Program in college.

Schools with Automotive Technology

Schools Application Type
Curie District-wide Application
Dunbar District-wide Application
Farragut Neighborhood Program
Juarez District-wide Application
Prosser Neighborhood Program
Schurz District-wide Application
Diesel TechnologyShow More

As a student in the Diesel Technology Program you will receive a comprehensive overview of the industry, safety methods, and hands- on maintenance, repair and replacement skills. You will also be introduced to process and procedure for maintaining, servicing and repairing heavy duty engines and other systems in a diesel truck. By the end of the program you will understand the important role medium and heavy duty trucks play in our transportation system and how they are necessary for the relocation of goods and supplies.

This program is sponsored by Navistar International.

Schools with Diesel Technology

Schools Application Type
CVCA District-wide Application

How to Participate

College and Career Academy Application

8th Graders
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Careers to Consider

Transportation Chart


Chart Key

Certifications In Transportation

  • I-CAR
  • OSHA 10 Hour General Industry
  • ASE Painting & Refinishing
  • Sterling Safety and Environmental
  • ASE Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
  • ASE Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
  • AC Delco – Brakes
  • AC Delco – Electrical
  • AC Delco – Engine Repair
  • AC Delco – Steering and Suspension
  • ASE – End of Program Brakes
  • ASE – End of Program Electrical
  • ASE – End of Program Engine Repair
  • ASE – End of Program Steering and Suspension
  • MAST – Brakes
  • MAST – Electrical
  • MAST – Engine Repair Valvoline Motor Oil Education Program
  • MAST – Steering and Suspension
  • Navistar Diesel
  • Certified Logistics Associate
  • MSSC (Quality & Continuous Improvement)
  • Program Coordinator

    Meador, Rashaan


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