Manufacturing And Engineering

Do you enjoy working on challenging projects that test your technical knowledge?
Are you interested in how products and machines come together?
Do you want to work on industrial equipment?

If so, you should check out programs within the Manufacturing & Engineering cluster!

The Manufacturing & Engineering cluster prepares you for college and entry-level jobs in modern manufacturing, beginning in sophomore year. Enrolling in a program in the Manufacturing cluster will give you the opportunity to understand how industry and technology work together create or package things we use everyday like cars and computers. Some of the manufactures you will learn about are Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Chrysler, BMW and Pfizer.


Machine TechnologyShow More

In the Machine Technology program you will gain an introduction to various technical applications in a lab while working hands on with industrial equipment.

All aspects of the industry will be examined in order to demonstrate the overall relevance of the program. All course applications will be practical in nature and reflect the current trends and established procedures.

Schools with Machine Technology

Schools Application type
Bowen District-wide Application
Prosser Neighborhood Program
Pre-EngineeringShow More

As a student in the Pre-Engineering program, you will be exposed to all areas of the engineering industry, including design and drafting, structural concepts, product design and production technology. Not only will you have the opportunity to design and create models with your hands, but you will also be taught how to use computer design software to analyze and evaluate your plans. After you master the lessons and techniques taught in class, you will get the chance to develop an original product or machine design and see your ideas come to life!

Schools with Pre-Engineering

Schools  Application type
ACE Tech Charter Neighborhood Program
Alcott Neighborhood Program
Austin College and Career Academy Neighborhood Program
Bowen District-wide Application
Harlan Neighborhood Program
Hancock District-wide Application
Jones District-wide Application
King Neighborhood Program
Lindblom Neighborhood Program
North-Grand District-wide Application
Phoenix Military Neighborhood Program
Schurz District-wide Application

How to Participate

College and Career Academy Application

8th Graders
If you would like to attend a CTE Academy for high school, you should:

  • Learn about the different programs on this site
  • Choose the schools and academies you want to apply to
  • Then apply online at
  • Applications for 2018-2019 school year are now open

If you are attending a high school with a CTE Academy or CTE School Option program and want to participate should speak with your counselor.

Careers to Consider

Manufacturing and Engineering Chart


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Certifications In Manufacturing And Engineering

  • MSSC (Quality and Continuous Improvement)
  • OSHA 10 hour General Industry
  • MSSC (Safety )
  • NIMS (CNC Milling Operator)
  • NIMS (CNC Turning Operator)
  • NIMS (Job Planning, Bench work, and Layout)
  • NIMS (Manual Drill Press Operations)
  • NIMS (Manual Milling)
  • NIMS (Measurement, Materials and Safety)
  • Program Coordinator


    Wilborn, Kye-Anne


  • Program Coordinator


    Blackmon, David


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