Education And Training

Do you enjoy enjoy teaching others?
Do you have the patience to care for children and adults?
Do you find joy in doing something different every day?
If so you should check out the programs in the Education and Training cluster!

The Education and Training programs and academies prepare students for careers related to family and human needs including teaching, social work, and early childhood education. Emphasis is placed on child interaction in a classroom setting.


Early Childhood EducationShow More

As a student in the Early Childhood Education Childcare program you will study human development, pediatric diseases and disorders, and social and community services. You will learn how to provide instruction and care for children through lessons on goal setting and teaching strategies. You will also be able to practice hands-on skills in classroom through simulated situations and through work experiences in a daycare center.

Schools with Early Childhood Education

School Name Application type
Curie District-wide Application
Roosevelt District-wide Application
TeachingShow More

The Teaching program designed to prepare you to enroll in college to study education. As part of your studies you will be introduced to the latest educational theories; take coursework aimed at future educators, including psychology, human cognitive development, and social policy; learn to engage students through hands on activities; and experience working with various learning communities.

Schools with Teaching

School Name Application type
Curie District-wide Application
Simeon Neighborhood Program
Uplift District-wide Application

How to Participate

College and Career Academy Application

8th Graders
If you would like to attend a CTE Academy for high school, you should:

  • Learn about the different programs on this site
  • Choose the schools and academies you want to apply to
  • Then apply online at
  • Applications for 2018-2019 school year are now open

If you are attending a high school with a CTE Academy or CTE School Option program and want to participate should speak with your counselor.

Careers to Consider

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Certifications In Education And Training

  • Early Childhood Educator Level 1
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • CPR / AED for Health Care Providers
  • First Aid
  • Infant CPR / AED
  • Infant First Aid
  • OSHA 10 Hour General Industry
  • Program Coordinator

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