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CTE Clusters & Pathways

We offer 46 different programs organized within 12 different industries. Your options range from Business and Finance to Health Sciences to Architecture – and those are just a few of your options. All Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare you with a college prep education as well as the real world skills that will allow you to graduate from high school with more than just a high school diploma.

Agriculture And Horticulture

Students studying pathways in Agricultural Sciences learn about the science, business, and technology of plant and animal production. Each Agricultural Sciences pathway exposes students to classroom and laboratory experiences. In the classroom, students learn concepts and theories dealing with agricultural and agribusiness topics. Classroom learning is followed by the laboratory experiences where students are able to put concepts and theories into practice.

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Business And Finance

Students with an interest in owning their own business, making a profit, and managing finances should look into pathways in the Business cluster. Pathways in Business introduce students to financial planning, banking, insurance, international finance, entrepreneurship principles, and accounting practices.

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Construction And Architecture

Programs in Architecture and Construction cover various stages of a construction project – from idea to design to production. The programs in this cluster offer you the opportunity to bring your design ideas to life, work on hands-on construction projects, and master the skills necessary to pursue a career in this field.

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Culinary And Hospitality

The Culinary and Hospitality pathways are strongly structured with reading, writing, math, and science. Students are provided with opportunities needed to master managing a hotel and employees, assemble and prepare a restaurant menu, and develop exceptional customer service skills. Culinary and Hospitality pathways prepare students to meet the demands and flexibility necessary to be successful in this emerging and artistic field.

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Education And Training

In the Education and Training pathway, students gain knowledge about careers related to family and human services, learn fundamentals of current educational theories, along with hands-on training with children. Education and Training helps to prepare students for college and to pursue a degree in education.

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Health Science

Pathways in Health Sciences present students with an opportunity to learn about medical terminology and the body systems, in addition to investigate how illnesses are prevented, treated, and managed. Health Sciences will expose students to the myriad of careers in healthcare and a future that is dedicated to helping others. Students can earn certifications and engage with health professionals through speakers, site visits, job shadows, and internships that will advance their knowledge and experience of the healthcare profession. Topics include safety and infection control, CPR & First Aid, human growth and development, vital signs, nutrition and wellness, and geriatric care.

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Information Technology

Pathways in Information Technology prepare students for occupations in the fields of computer operations and programming, software applications, web development, and computer repair/installation. Students are provided with opportunities to earn certifications that will expand their career options in Information Technology. The Information Technology pathways supply students with experiences that translate into careers and success after high school.

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Law And Public Safety

In Law & Public Safety pathways, students are introduced to careers in law and criminal justice. Students are provided with college preparatory education and in-depth exposure to curriculum including topics like criminal justice, law enforcement, family law, forensic science, and much more.  This pathway is a great fit for students who want to serve their communities and get real-life experience in courtrooms, law enforcement, and crime scene investigation.

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Manufacturing And Engineering

Pathways in Manufacturing & Pre-Engineering prepare students for college and a variety of entry-level jobs in advanced manufacturing. Students will learn the process of designing, assembling, and packaging items that we use every day. Computer technology and state-of-the art machines are used to develop and strengthen knowledge and understanding of concepts learned in the classroom. Coursework emphasizes the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills that are currently in high demand.

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Media And Communication Arts

Pathways in Media & Communication Arts provide students with the opportunity to learn about the ever-growing array of new media forms. Students who are interested in applying their artistic talent to practical real-world problems or who want to be a producer, director, journalist, website designer, video game programmer, and multimedia artist can explore their interests and find the right career path for them.

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Personal Care Services

The Personal Care Services pathway prepares students for careers in the professional hair and beauty industry by providing real world experiences in state-of-the art cosmetology and barbering labs. Students participate in citywide events and activities that provide exposure to exciting professional and training opportunities in the field. Students can earn certifications and engage with industry professionals through speakers, site visits, job shadows, and internships that will advance their knowledge and experience of the hair and beauty profession. Topics include safety and infection control, hair cutting, hair coloring, chemical texturizing, professionalism, and entrepreneurship.

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Careers in the Transportation pathway are a good fit for those who want to ensure that everyone and everything get to the right place, on-time, and within budget. Students in this pathway explore career options that support equipment and transportation systems, keeping everything in motion in the air and on land.

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